How to get the most out of online therapy

As we move into our second week of school closures and other life disruptions, I want to remind you that SmallTalk is open and functioning with our full staff. We are hoping to help our kiddos and families get through this difficult period of uncertainty supporting your child’s needs and helping him/her maintain a sense of normalcy in their lives. To do that, we are leveraging our online speech therapy and online occupational therapy sessions—just as frequently as any other week.

Our seasoned speech and occupational therapists blend their skills and experience with an expanding array of online games and tools. Our online speech therapy and online occupational therapy services provide the same high-quality therapy that we’re known for in our clinics! Here’s how to get the most out of your teletherapy sessions:

  • First, email or call our front desk to schedule your sessions:
  • After going through the introductory paperwork, you’ll be emailed a link that you’ll need to connect to prior to the session
  • Download Google Chrome on a device (computer, iPad) with a camera and microphone– iPhone users, Safari is the suggested browser
  • Using Headphones or ear buds is recommended, to help block out peripheral noise
  • Please test your device prior to each session to make sure the microphone, speakers, and camera are connected
  • Keep the room as quiet and free from distractions as possible
  • For the best internet connection, discontinue other teleconferencing or Wi-Fi demands
  • For children under 5 years, or with behavioral concerns, a parent or adult should accompany them during the session

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