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The many ways SmallTalk helps kids make amazing strides.

For over 15 years, SmallTalk has helped children reach their greatest potential.

Our highly trained therapists and thoughtful, welcoming staff have unparalleled experience serving families of our region. Our team truly cares about you and your children, and delivers the best therapy around so they can succeed in a variety of areas.


Speech & Language Therapy

At SmallTalk, we help children become active language learners, and clear, confident communicators. Your child has unique strengths and difficulties, so our therapy sessions are tailored to your child’s individual needs and focus on a set of age-appropriate, individualized goals.

We combine a variety of evidence-based methods and therapy techniques to provide the delicate balance between unstructured floor play and structured activities that your child needs.

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Common questions about speech & language therapy:

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Occupational Therapy

Pediatric occupational therapy may seem like a strange concept: “My child doesn’t have an occupation, why would they need occupational therapy?” But your child does have an occupation! Their job is to play, learn, grow, and develop.

SmallTalk’s occupational therapists assist children in building the skills they need every day such as brushing their teeth, drawing, coloring, eating, transitioning between activities, writing their name, or playing well with friends.

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Common questions about occupational therapy:

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Feeding Therapy

Although many people may tell you that “all kids are picky eaters,” the reasons behind your child’s pickiness may be due to oral-motor difficulties and/or sensory aversions.

Our therapists are trained to identify the underlying causes and provide individualized strategies both in therapy and at home.

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Common questions about feeding therapy:

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Social Skills Groups

At SmallTalk, we pair children with related goals and skill needs into small groups to practice valuable social skills, including working and playing together and having conversations. Group size can range from 2-5 peers, depending on their needs.

Social skills groups create a safe space to practice the many skills developed through therapy, such as meeting new people, asking and answering questions, keeping personal space, managing social conflict through role play, video modeling, and other fun group activities.

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Common questions about social skills groups:

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Parent/Guardian Education

At SmallTalk, we know that involving family members in therapy is a vital part of therapy’s success. We are committed to providing education and support to parents, and we encourage them to attend their child’s sessions, practice techniques at the clinic, and incorporate learned skills into their child’s daily routines.

The more a child is exposed to the new technique, whether it is turn-taking, imitation, or practicing that stubborn “r” in a different way, the faster progress will be seen. You’ll be thrilled to be a part of the results!

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Common questions about parent/guardian education:

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Online Therapy

SmallTalk offers both online speech and occupational therapy. Taking advantage of today’s technology, we support families when they cannot visit our clinics in person. Our speech and occupational therapists also blend their skills and experience with an expanding array of online games and tools.

Our online speech therapy and occupational therapy services provide the same high-quality therapy that we’re known for in our clinics! If you’re interested in learning more about our teletherapy offering, just ask any of our staff for more info.

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Common questions about online therapy:

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