San Diego’s NEW All-Inclusive Playground

I recently checked out a brand new playground in Mission Bay that is a game-changer for families with children of all abilities – the all-inclusive playground. I did a bit of research and want to share the inspiring story of the origin of this park and why parents of kids with special needs should make it a must-visit destination.

How did the playground come to be?

The story begins with a shared vision among Mission Bay’s residents – a space where every child, regardless of their abilities, could play together. Turning this vision into reality required financial backing, and Mission Bay’s residents, local businesses, and organizations joined forces in a series of fundraising initiatives. From charity events to donation drives and sponsorships, the community garnered enough financial support to begin the process of getting bids, imagining, and drawing up plans. To ensure the playground met the highest standards of inclusivity, design and accessibility experts were brought in. Their expertise played a crucial role in crafting a space that accommodates children with a wide range of physical and cognitive abilities. 

How is this play area different?

This isn’t your average playground – there are areas where every child, regardless of their abilities, can play and explore. From inclusive play structures to sensory-rich zones, this playground is designed to be a haven for kids of all kinds. 

Pathways are wide and ramps make it stroller-friendly. Kids with different mobility needs can move around freely with wheelchair-accessible swings to inclusive slides and climbing structures. This playground has some cool sensory play zones with textures, colors and engaging sounds that rival our OT gyms at SmallTalk!

Not only is this playground a place for play, but it also offers a bit of casual learning. Info panels and interactive features are scattered around, providing a chance for kids and adults to explore and talk about different abilities in a natural, easygoing way.

If you haven’t checked out Mission Bay’s new all-inclusive playground yet, what are you waiting for? Grab the family, pack a sweatshirt and enjoy one of the best months outdoors in San Diego with very few tourists. :) See you at the playground! 

By Jen Traina, CEO

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