10 reasons why you’ll love SmallTalk

1. Cozy, intimate and welcoming clinics with personalized service

Our waiting rooms are fun, colorful spaces with train tables, coloring books and other toys for children and magazines and free Wi-Fi for parents. Parents are welcome to join their child in our therapy rooms, or watch through the observation windows in each room.

2. Convenience

Our locations are right off of the freeway, and nearby shopping and restaurants to make it as convenient as possible for you.

3. Speech and occupational therapy in one location

If your child needs both speech and OT, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll try to schedule your child’s speech and OT sessions back-to-back so that you can get them both in one trip.

4. Close collaboration with all members

The secret to our success is our team. Our talented therapists are constantly collaborating and sharing ideas, working together to prepare for each therapy session.

5. Family-oriented focus

Because the person who can make the biggest difference in your child’s life is YOU, parent education and involvement is an essential part of our therapy. Siblings are welcome to play in our waiting room while waiting for their brother or sister.

6. Warm, fun-loving, experienced therapists who LOVE kids

You’ll feel it the moment you walk into our clinic—our therapists are part of this team because they love kids and are passionate about helping them reach their greatest potential.

7. Therapists trained & certified in ABA, DIR/floortime, PROMPT & more

Every therapist attends at least one continuing education program a year, and we share what we’ve learned with the entire team. All our therapists are on the cutting edge of research-based, effective therapy.

8. Parent consultation with each session.

Whether you’re in the room practicing new techniques during your child’s session or following through with homework during the week, we keep you up to date on your child’s progress and how you can help at home.

9. Free weekly parent classes

We offer baby sign and a speech/language workshop for new families or anyone in the community to attend. Please contact shauna@smalltalkspeech.com for more information.

10. Camp SmallTalk

We offer a week-long summer camp where kids can receive speech therapy, swim, do crafts, sports, play at the sensory table, and go on a nature walk each day. Learn more

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